The Negotiations With a strategic Investor in Dubai

a strategic Investor skyway in Dubai

The Negotiations With a strategic Investor in Dubai

At the beginning of May 2015, in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) , Anatoly Unitsky, President of SkyWay Group, conducted the negotiations with the Head of the International Banking Group. The preliminary assessment of the commercial potential of the breakthrough transport and infrastructure technologies was carried out, and there was considered the possibility of acquiring a major stake in the root company of the innovation Holding Company’s as a strategic investor of SkyWay program.
For the second stage of negotiations on the strategic partnership, Head of the International Banking Group plans to visit SkyWay project – design company in Minsk – JSC “String Technologies”, – and to familiarize himself with its work, and also – with the progress of the creation of SkyWay EcoTehnoPark in Belarus .
By becoming a strategic investor of SkyWay, the International Banking Group will be able to provide for the company a portfolio of orders in the tens of billions of dollars for the construction of large transport infrastructure projects in Latin America, – in Mexico in the first place, and the Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries).

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