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In order to enable a program of certification and market entry for the communication and infrastructure systems of Skyway, the company needs to implement technological solutions for the industrial designs of the finished products.
To achieve this, the Skyway group  was allocated a plot of land in the Republic of Belarus where a test area “EcoTechnoPark” is currently under construction. This test area will present and demonstrate the technology in full, as follows:

  • Truck highway (1km) with all the infrastructure (loading and unloading terminals);
  • City highway (3km) with all the infrastructure (the station anchor support, custody, transfers arrows);
  • High-speed highway (15 km) with all the infrastructure.

The company itself has developed and subsequently begun to initiate a production plan of a motor-wheel. This motor-wheel allows the yunibus to reach speeds of up to 500 km/h and enables a 15 km stopping distance; a 50% decrease from the previous 30 km which was initially planned. This will reduce the costs of building a high-speed track by almost half.

The company developed its own automated control system, which is also being prepared to be launched into production.


Why should you invest in Skyway?


Vygodnoe vlozhenie finansov

Profitable investment

By purchasing the company’s shares at the initial stage of construction, you are buying Skyway shares  at a substantial discount, and after the company enters the world market, you will profit from the company’s capitalization.




Each share of the company will bring you dividends from targeted projects implemented around the world, where Skyway technology is being used.



Intellektualnaja sobstvennost

Intellectual property

The exclusive right of ownership of the string technologies belongs to the Skyway group. International independent appraisers, guided by legal regulations and the provisions (WIPO), assessed the potential market for the technology as $ 400 billion.


Sovladenie perspektivnoj korporaciej

Joint ownership of perceptive corporation

By purchasing the company’s shares at the initial stage, you become co-owner of a transport company and a technology with great potential for growth.




Why do we need investors?

Skyway company was created in 2011 in order to bring the technology of string transport to the world market.
The contributions of a large number of investors are involved in financing the company as a venture project.
This new approach of financing venture projects was successfully proven in Western companies.

Mutual benefit of crowdinvesting:

  • Company brings an innovative technology to the world market;
  • After the release of the company on the world market, investors receive dividends at all stages of development of the company as co-owners of the technology.



Why do investors decide to invest in this company?

  • Transport sector is the richest in the world;
  • Investments directly fund technological advancements and construction of the test site;
  • Skyway is under British jurisdiction, with a high level of protection of private capital;
  • The company’s value increases exponentially with each new kilometre built.
  • Joint ownership company with a great and promising future;
  • Even small contributions of investors can be increased hundreds or thousands times;
  • Investing in a reliable project is taking care of your future.


How to become a shareholder of Skyway?

  1. Register with the main company or in the fund of your choice
  2. Select the Skyway share holdings and make a payment
  3. Sign the contract, fill in the data and complete the registration procedure
  4. On request, obtain a certificate confirming the shareholder register you are in



   Become a shareholder SKYWAY

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