What will the EcoTechnoPark SkyWay look like?

What will the EcoTechnoPark look like? What facilities will there be on the site, what further function will the EcoTechnoPark serve?

What will the EcoTechnoPark SkyWay look like?

We prepared the album ” EcoTechnoPark “, and it is also designed for the Belarusian government, which allocates the land for us, and for our shareholders, who are investing in its construction.
Even from the very name you could feel that the main thing is the environmental component of our transport system. It is clean and safe transport. Nowadays, transport – is the most dangerous invention of the mankind in history. Not the atomic bomb and not even a Kalashnikov machinegun, which kills 500 thousand people per year an average, but the cars that kill one million and a half people per year! Added to that, there are 15 million disabled people and amputees – those who had an accident on the roads. And how many animals the road transport killed – nobody knows. But that is not even the last horrible thing that road transport causes. Embankments destroy the soil: on the one hand, they swamp it, and on the other, they sap it. Plus, air and soil pollution with heavy metals and toxic substances are added to the damage. And we want to demonstrate that our transport is different : the places where the marshes are now , will turn into blossoming gardens.
We will show other countries, including those where there is no soil at all, how to make the city – garden from the desert, restoring the soil that was there millions of years ago, but disappeared. To do this we need humus, which nature creates for hundreds of years, and we know how to make it here, in Belarus, from peat, which is in abounds here. By changing the structure of peat and enriching it with micronutrients and microorganisms, we will create humus, which will be sent in millions of tons to the countries where there is no soil. And such a technology, will be also shown on our testing-demonstration sites.
Due to the law of gravity the efficiency of our transport increases in 50-60 times. How? – We will also demonstrate that on our EcoTechnoPark site. There will be more to see: acceleration, braking, embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, switching turnouts, how the automated control system works.
As for the future use of the EcoTechnoPark. Our logics is to make the city a pedestrian one. There will be the only transport in the city – our aerial metro Skyway, and the rest of the area will be free of any buildings but with gardens, parks and squares instead. This is important in the countries with hot climate in particular, where it is impossible to walk even 200-300 m down the street without having a sunstroke. Such enjoyable and safe walk in the parks and gardens could be also shown and experienced on our EcoTechnoPark site.
Thus, EcoTechnoPark – is a kind of salon of sales for our technologies, which is created at least for 200 years ahead. Here, we will go on with improving our technology and demonstrate new products to our customers.

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