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In the SkyWay group companies will there be the introduction of a unified, i.e one Register, jointly with the investment funds, for the shareholders who are investing in the Fund, to be sure they have purchased the shares of SkyWay Group companies ?

Yes, this work is now being carried out , we will have one, unified Register in the group of companies. Presently the restructuring that has been going on for 9 months is coming to the end, a lot of work has been done, and the Holding company has been set up. I am the main shareholder of the holding company, so I was naturally concerned about how it will work. In the Holding there are also my shares alongside with the other investors’ shares.

Everything will be very transparent, at the present time the renewal of the shares is taking place. These will already be the shares in the Holding. Prior to that, shareholders, including me, came to a company registered in the UK, one of the four, that is a part of SkyWay group companies. That means the shareholders received a share in only one continent, Eurasia, and I, as the founder of the holding company and the author and developer of string technologies, promised to the investors, who came to us at the stage of technology development, that they will be included in the entire Holding and will have the right to the use of the technology across the world, and not only in Eurasia. That is why the renewal of the shareholders of the Eurasian company registered in the UK, into the shareholders of the Holding company with the same name is going on; but it will be a different company – the core company in the Holding that is attracting investments. And rights that shareholders will receive in the Holding company, will be extended to all the continents, that is, to the whole world.

This will increase the number of shares that belong to those shareholders who came to one company and were transferred to the Holding company. And, of course, there will be kept a single Register for all investors who came to the Holding; currently at this stage we are the company that has the Register; later on, when all the investors of the SkyWay group companies have been transferred to the Holding , it will be a third-party Registrar, were all the investors of SkyWay group companies will be listed.

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