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skyway department of transport

In early May 2015, in the capital of the United Arab Emirates there was held a second round of negotiations between Anatoly Unitsky ,President of SKyWay Group and the directorship of the Transport Ministry of Abu Dhabi. In furtherance of the accords reached at the April meeting in Abu Dhabi, the head of the working group of the Department of Transport proposed to organize the work in two main areas:

  1. Coordination with the relevant ministries of the Emirate – Construction, Land Use, Environment and others. – the concepts and plans for the Linear City construction in Abu Dhabi, using SkyWay technology.
  2. Study of the concept and plans of the construction in the Emirates SkyWay Demonstration and Certification Centre, commissioned by the government, and the feasibility to create on its basis the National Academy of Transport and Infrastructure Innovations, not only for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, but also for the countries of the Middle East.

The Department of Transportation has expressed an interest in the supervision of the scientific work of the Academy by Professor Anatoly Unitsky.

Following the meeting, there was prepared a Protocol of Intent of Cooperation between the Global Transport Investments Inc. – a root company of SkyWay Group , the owner of the exclusive rights to intellectual property and know-how to Unitsky String technology, – and Abu Dhabi Department of Transport. The Protocol was submitted for signing to the Arab side.

At the request of the Arab Group partners, Head of the SkyWay Group Anatoly Unitsky introduced the concept and technical – economical feasibility of the construction of SkyWay Demonstration and Certification Centre and the National Academy of Transport and Infrastructure Innovations in the Emirate Abu Dhabi.

It is expected that Abu Dhabi will have a 50% stake in the joint company that is being created, and will make $100 million USD in the authorized capital .
The construction of the Centre and the Academy is to be completed by 2019, as it is planned to present SkyWay global transportation and infrastructure technologies at the World Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai.

As part of the preparations of the International Exhibition in UAE in 2020, the government plans to finance the construction of two above-ground transport lines that will connect the airport to the exposition centre. The joint company under creation can act as a general contractor of building the above-ground tracks.

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