About purposes and model of EcoTechnoPark financing

It is decided to build SkyWay EcoTechnoPark with the involvement of targeted funding. This attributes transparency to investments, clearly specifying the purposes for which funds are allocated. The main goal is the construction of test sections and certification of three types of transport systems:

– high-speed (speeds up to 500 km/h);
– urban (speed up to 150 km/h);
– cargo, with transportation volumes up to 200 million tons per year;

For this, we need about 300 million dollars. For comparison, the creation of:
– trains with magnetic levitation Transrapid by Siemens took 40 years and 6 billion euros;
– airliner A380 at Airbus took 12 years and 10 billion euros;
– each new model of a car, invented more than a century ago, costs around 1 billion euros for any manufacturer.

We are creating a completely new industry with automated systems of control, power supply, telecommunications, in other words, a real complex, for an amount much lower. And it will be built and presented in our EcoTechnoPark.

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