A visit to the Embassy of Belarus in UAE

A visit to the Embassy of Belarus in  UAE

At the beginning of May 2015 a delegation of the Belarusian production and design CJSC “String Technologies”, which is part of an international SkyWay Group , visited the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the United Arab Emirates as part of a strategy to introduce the innovative products and the company to the international market, the volume of which is estimated at billions of dollars.

A visit to the Embassy of Belarus in UAE

In the course of negotiations and consultations with diplomats, there were outlined practical events, aiming at the participation of the Belarusian Embassy in the promotion of transport and infrastructure products of JSC “String Technologies” to the markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries.

Representatives of the Embassy familiarized themselves with the documents on the decision of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to provide the state support to the development of Unitsky String Technology transport.


Belarusian diplomats have included the materials on SkyWay transport and infrastructure technologies in the agenda of their working meetings at the appropriate level, and invited the delegation of JSC “String Technologies” to take part in the international conference ” City Scape”, which will be held in Dubai in September this year.

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